From Olives Rosselló we are clear about our responsibility as a company linked to the primary sector of the Balearic Islands, to take care of our territory and the environment. We want to fight every day to strengthen our commitments.

With the territory and the landscape

Our economic activity helps to maintain the traditional olive cultivation and the landscape of the Serra de Tramuntana. For years, we have been the only buyers and packers of Mallorcan cracked olives from large estates such as Comassema, Bàlitx, Pastoritx, Biniforani, s’Heretat or Miramar.

With biodiversity

Our commitment to the environment and biodiversity is demonstrated with projects such as the planting of sea fennel (Crithmum maritimum) on the Corbera estate in Llubí. With this initiative we avoid the collection of this species from the natural environment and contribute to its protection. At the same time we improve the production process which becomes more controlled and of better quality.

With efficiency

With the incorporation of people with great experience in environmental management and new technologies, we are working to increase the efficiency of our facilities. We act at all levels to reduce water, electricity and fuel consumption. We want to dematerialize the company as much as possible, avoiding the consumption of paper, containers or packaging. In the medium term, we aim to incorporate a wide range of recycled materials and promote renewable energies.