Coca with caramelized onion, anchovies, pitted olives, and soft sheep cheese.

Ingredients for the dough:

500 g of Xeixa flour
50 g of lard
1/2 cup of Rosselló green olive oil
15 g of fresh yeast
225 cl of water

Ingredients for the filling:

2 kg of onion
50 g of Rosselló pitted olives
50 g of anchovies
100 g of soft sheep cheese
Green olive oil
125 g of brown sugar
Black pepper


To make the dough for the coca, mix the flour, olive oil, lard, and previously dissolved yeast in warm water, and salt in a bowl. Knead until you get a homogeneous dough. Cover it with a cloth and let it rest. Slice the onion julienne style.

Heat olive oil in a pan or low pot. Once the oil is hot, add the onion and salt. Keep it over medium heat. When the onion is well cooked and red, add the brown sugar and black pepper. Now the cooking process should be slow, while listening to Leonard Cohen and stirring constantly.

Chop the anchovies and mix them with the olive oil. Remove the pit from the pitted olive and mash the flesh until it reaches a creamy texture. Roll out the dough with a rolling pin to make the coca. You can make individual portion-sized cocas, which look better. Roll out the dough thinly. Spread the caramelized onion over the dough.

Add the olive oil with the anchovy. Bake for 15-20 minutes at 200°C (392°F). Once you remove the coca from the oven, add the soft sheep cheese cut into small cubes and the olive cream.

Eat it hot and with your hands, no need for cutlery!