Salad with fried capers


30 g of canons
200 g of assorted lettuces
30 g of arugula
2 small tomatoes
50 g of Rosselló capers
Sprouted Crostons
Extra virgin olive oil


Put olive oil in a pan and fry the capers.

We will put them on absorbent paper so that they cool down and remain crispy.

With the same oil, fry some bread croutons (it can be the same olive and sundried tomato bread from the previous recipe).

Grate the ramellet tomatoes, also called iron tomatoes, in a bowl.

Put oil and salt. We have to be generous, because we will dip the salad with this oil.

Clean and dry the lettuces. Chop them a little thick, let them simmer.

Assemble the salad with the mixture of lettuce, arugula and scallions.

Add the fried capers, the grated tomato with the oil, the croutons and the sprouts.

Simple salad, with a point of joy in the mouth when biting into the capers.